What Are The Most Common Argan Oil Side Effects?


argan oilWho doesn’t want healthy skin and long, luscious hair? Getting the results in a natural way is probably one of the best, easiest and safest options. Women in Morocco have been using argan oil in their beauty routines for centuries. The ingredient is currently becoming more and more popular in Western countries.

Argan oil is seen as a beauty miracle because of the beneficial lipids that it contains. Widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics or applied on its own, argan oil is seen as a safe and effective beauty treatment. Does it hold any dangers, however? Is the use of argan oil linked to side effects and how prominent are these?

The Possible Side Effects Of Argan Oil

Though well-tolerated by most, argan oil could cause a few health problems in a small group of people. Doing a patch test before incorporating argan oil in an everyday beauty routine will be needed to assess tolerance. Use a little bit of argan oil on your skin, let it get absorbed and look for any unusual occurrences. If you see any reddening or irritation, discontinue the use of the oil. Talk to a dermatologist to figure out why you’re sensitive and whether you have any option for using argan oil in the future.

The side effects of using argan oil are really, really rare. Some of these unusual occurrences include rashes, excessive skin itchiness, allergic reactions, redness and even difficulty breathing. Sometimes, these side effects could be caused by using impure and low quality argan oil. To reduce the risk, look for a good product.

You should get information about the origin of the oil and the manner in which it has been extracted. Though argan oil can be expensive, don’t opt for a bargain. Very often, an inexpensive product or oil blend will be diluted with cheap ingredients and other types of oils. If you have sensitive skin, these will eventually cause irritation.

How To Use Argan Oil

argan oilKnowing how to use argan oil on your skin and your hair will reduce the risk of experiencing any health problems. There are just a few basics you’ll need to keep in mind. When using on the skin, pour a small amount of the oil in the palm of your hand. Rub it between your fingers and gently massage in the skin.

Use circular motions to speed up the absorption of the oil and to enhance its effectiveness. You can also add argan oil to your favorite cream or body lotion. Just pour a small amount in the jar and stir until all of the oil gets absorbed by the cream. When this happens, you can apply the product in the way that you typically use it.

Cold-pressed argan oil is also great for strengthening your hair. As in the case of skincare, you can add it to your favorite conditioner or mask. Use the product in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can apply pure argan oil after having a shower.

Pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and cover the entire length of the hair. Argan oil gets absorbed quickly and it’s not going to make your locks heavy or greasy. The oil can also be used as a styling product or heat protectant. Just apply a little bit on your locks before using a curling iron, a flat iron or a blow dryer.

How To Recognize Quality Argan Oil

To reduce the risk of side effects, look for quality argan oil. Several characteristics will help you determine whether you’re getting the best product that the market has to offer. Don’t buy argan oil that’s stored in a clear plastic bottle. The light will affect the quality of this cosmetic staple. The best manufacturers put their product in dark glass bottles. To maintain the quality of your argan oil, store it in a cool and dark place. Avoid argan oil that has a strong scent. Pure argan oil is nearly scentless.

Argan OilArtificial fragrances can be added to make the product more enticing but these will increase the risk of irritation. If the argan oil has a heavy, bad smell, it has probably gone rancid. The best argan oil is raw and cold-pressed.

There are no sediments or particles in the liquid. It has a beautiful golden color. Quality argan oil is lightweight and it doesn’t look particularly thick or viscous.

If you do some research and make sure that you have purchased pure argan oil, the risk of experiencing side effects is going to be minimal. Do a patch test and talk to a dermatologist if you have particularly sensitive skin. That’s the best option for choosing quality beauty products without experiencing any irritation.


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