From the Tree to Your Face: Can Argan Oil Go Bad?


argan oilArgan oil is currently making waves because of the various benefits it can offer. From skin care to culinary purposes, there’s no denying that argan oil is versatile.

Hence, it is no longer surprising that many people are already using it. In fact, cosmetic companies are also using argan oil an active ingredient in some of their cosmetic products.

However, there are still people who are doubtful of argan oil’s abilities. In fact, they are constantly asking, can argan oil go bad? If you are also asking the same question, then you should get the facts to help answer that question. No one wants to get sick or lose money from something that goes bad before its time. By knowing how to store it, you’ll get the most out of your bottle of argan oil.

Key Question: Can Argan Oil Go Bad?

Most people know the health benefits that argan oil can bring, but many still wonder if there any disadvantages of argan oil. If you choose pure argan oil, then you don’t have to worry about experiencing disadvantages. However, it is another issue if you have a bottle of diluted argan oil, or worse yet, a bottle that says it has argan oil in it, but it actually has none.

argan oilArgan oil is impure if you mix it with other liquids. As a result, you could dilute all of the minerals and vitamins of the oil, too. Aside from that, some makers add liquids that can change the effectiveness of the oil when you use it.

The efficacy of argan oil depends on how much percentage of other liquids are in it. If there is more argan oil, then there’s a better chance that the oil has retained it’s the majority of its benefits.

Does argan oil spoil? Yes, it actually does. The good news is its shelf life is quite long. Pure argan oil will last for at least two years. Just make sure that you follow the right way of storing it. For instance, storing it in room temperature is ideal. This way, your bottle of argan oil can last longer.

Expiration Dates: When Does Argan Oil Spoil?

There are ways for you to find out whether the argan oil you have bought has already reached its expiration date. The first thing that you need to do is to check the label of the bottle.

You need to find out whether there is any expiration date stated. If there’s none, then the next thing you have to do is conduct a smell test. You have to smell the argan oil and find out if it is already emitting a rancid smell. If it does, then better throw it right away.

How to Spot Impure Argan Oil

Since you already know that diluted argan oil is no good, it is not time for you to learn how to spot them. By doing this, you can rest assured that the “pure” argan oil you are buying is real or not. The first thing that you need to check is the sediment of the argan oil you are buying.

Pure argan oil is one that has some cloudiness in it, which means that the oil has undergone less strainers. You should also check out its scent. The oil should have a mild, nutty smell. You don’t have to worry though, since the smell will eventually disappear once you apply it on your skin.

Argan OilAnother way effective way of spotting impure or fake argan oil is through its texture. The oil should be silky and smooth. Aside from that, it should be soothing when applied. If your argan oil stings whenever you apply it or feels watery, slimy or sticky, then the oil you have is not real.

You should also assess the packaging of the argan oil you are going to buy. Keep away from oils in plastic bottles, because they can deteriorate the quality of the oil you are buying. The bottle should also have a clear label that states the ingredients for the oil in percentages.

Even though your argan oil can go, it will still take years before it can. This means you will have ample of time to use it. With this, you don’t have to ask yourself, “Can argan oil go bad, or not? In fact, you can choose to buy argan oil in bulk. It will not spoil instantly.

There are also different methods that you can try in order to lengthen the shelf life of your argan oil. Store your argan oil in your refrigerator. You should also avoid leaving it in hot or humid areas. For this reason, you should avoid keeping your bottle of argan oil inside your bathroom, especially if you are fond of hot baths.

Even though there are many advantages of pure argan oil, the same cannot be said for diluted argan oil. Be extra careful when choosing the oil you are going to buy. It would be more beneficial if you check the product you are buying first. This is more crucial if you are going to buy online. Look for customer reviews on the various review sites and ask your friends, family, even your doctor, for recommendations.


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