In the Spotlight: 11 Famous Faces Who Love Argan Oil


Argan oil is by far one of the most beneficial oils out there. This oil, which is native to Morocco, comes from the seeds of the argan tree. It is more than just a delicious oil to pair up with your favorite bread for dipping. In fact, there are several ways you can use argan oil beauty-wise, and even your favorite celebrities are using it.

You may have heard the health benefits of argan oil before, though there’s a lot more about this oil you need to take note of. Here’s why you should take after all these famous faces who use argan oil and try it for yourself.

An Interesting Legacy: The History Behind Argan Oil

argan oilArgan oil is quite a unique oil and is actually quite rare. Before the trend surfaced worldwide, the argan tree that’s native to Morocco, as mentioned, is where this oil all started. Argan oil was first used by the Berber women who would take undigested argan pits found in goat dung and grind them down to reveal an oil that was then used for cooking, much like we use olive oil today.

This oil was also used as a beauty product back then, as it commonly is now today. The main difference, though, is that there is no need for us to use goats to digest the argan pits to get this oil. Instead, Moroccans today simply harvest the pits from the argan tree before grinding them.

These trees thrive specifically in the Mediterranean climate provided by Morocco and take a whole 15 years until they bare produce, making them harder than ever to find.

Celebrities Who Are Jumping Onboard the Argan Oil Trend

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, known by most as a beauty inspiration and as a wealthy TV star, has skin that glows
, thanks to argan oil. Kim also uses this oil to keep her beautiful, long longs shiny. You too could have skin and hair like Kim with the help of this oil.

Just by looking at this public figure, you may not have guessed that the simple use of argan oil could have such a dramatic physical effect on a person, but it’s true. Especially with Kim Kardashian carrying the title of being one of the most beautiful women on earth, it can only be trusted that argan oil will work for you in ways that works for her.

2. Jessie J

Even wondered how Jessie J’s hair is so sleek looking? That’s because this famous singer uses argan oil to give her hair the natural shine it deserves. “My hair hot list includes the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range, Bumble and Bumble, and argan oil,” says Jessie.

Unlike other oils and hair products, argan oil doesn’t make your hair look overly greasy, or as if you haven’t washed your hair in months. For Jessie, argan oil keeps her hair healthy and silky with just one application.

3. Nicole Richie

nicole richie
Photo by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA

If you suffer with frizzy hair like many people out there, you are not alone. Nicole Richie, American fashion designer, faces the same hair-related problem, but luckily for her, argan oil does the trick, helping to flatten out and de-frizz her hair.

“For me, I have frizzy hair, so I like to use one product. I don’t like to go and play around with a ton of different things during the day. I like the Moroccan Infusion Styling oil,” says Nicole, “It’s perfect for me. It’s easy, and I can carry around in my purse with me. I just do that, and I don’t have to worry about my hair for the rest of the day.” Sounds good enough? Give it a try.

4. Jennifer Lopez

When getting ready for the 82nd Academy Awards, American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez relied on the wonderful argan oil to keep her hair in place. Being an oil, of course, the consistency acted almost as a hair gel or hairspray without leaving a thick or sticky residue like many hair products.

So, next time you try a complicated hairstyle, or simply want beautifully set hair for the whole day, work your hair with some argan oil. Plus, argan oil is much healthier and more natural to use than would be using a hairspray or gel that contains several hair-damaging and drying chemicals that aren’t even good to let alone breathe in.

5. Charlize Theron

If you’re a hair dye user, you’re probably pretty conscious about the health of your hair. Charlize Theron is the same but has found that argan oil is great with keeping your frequently dyed and styled hair beautiful and healthy. “My hair once broke off from too much dye, and this product helped it get healthy,” says the South African and American actress and model.

You may be wondering just how Charlize Theron makes argan oil work. This beauty simply uses it as a leave-in conditioner, and it’s recommended that you do the same. Even if you don’t dye your hair often, damaged hair in general has quite positive results from the use of this godly oil.

6. Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries star, Nine Dobrev, doesn’t have beautiful hair to this day simply from genetics. Being an actress, your hair is going to be styled often to the point of damage, but Nina found that argan oil works great as a preventative to hair damage.

“We know they need your hair for today, you need it for life. You can’t let them sizzle it off,” Nina’s mom told her once she was hired for The Vampire Diaries. Nina didn’t let acting get in the way of potentially damaged locks. Instead, she opts to use three hair treatments a week, one of them being argan oil to keep her hair in a much healthier state.

7. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolieAnother argan oil fanatic is actress Angelina Jolie who loves to use the product on her hair, as well as her skin to give herself a beautiful glow. Angelina has been known to use creams, essential oil, and hair masks containing argan oil. She also turns to the oil when she wants to style her hair in a specific way.

In preparation for Angelina’s leading role in Maleficent, her makeup artist used argan oil to ensure Angelina’s skin would not be too irritated from all the makeup and other applications used on her for the film. “We opted to use a mix of coconut and argan oil for removal, which worked perfectly and left her skin flawless,” the artist says. Sounds great, right?

8. Gita Bass

Celebrity makeup artist, Gita Bass, sure knows a lot about looking young and beautiful. Luckily, though, Gita shared a few of her beauty tips with the public. One of them involves argan oil. Gita usually mixes a few drops of argan oil to mix in with her foundation for a flawless glow.

Beauty is not the only reason why Gita uses argan oil in her makeup routine. She also knows just how important it is to keep your face moisturized with healthy oils and not to deprive her face of what it needs: “It really gets the circulation going, which is what we need to keep the skin young and vibrant—to keep that glow, that natural flush,” says Gita.

If that doesn’t sound convincing enough, I don’t know what is. Argan oil not only gives your face a natural and gorgeous shine. It also helps your skin to absorb the healthy oils it needs to avoid dry, scaly skin.

9. Emma Stone

American actress Emma Stone also approves of the argan oil trend. In fact, this star loves all things oil and finds that argan oil in particular helps to enrich her dry skin: “My skin is chronically dry, so when I’m traveling I take a small bottle of argan oil with me. I basically have to put oils on my skin because it feels like I can’t move my face if I don’t,” says Emma.

Just by looking at Emma Stone’s skin, it’s obvious argan oil is working well for her. The smooth texture of argan oil completely transforms your dry skin into a silky moisturization without being overpowering.

10. Mara Roszak

Mara Roszak, who is known as a celebrity makeup artist, has a quick trick up her sleeve to perfect her celebrity client’s hair. Can you guess what this may be? Argan oil. Mara simply uses a few drops of this Moroccan oil to liven up the star’s hair leaving it, moisturized and shiny. All you need is about a dime-sized drop of this oil, and you’ll be good to go.

If your hair has particularly dry or split ends, it’s especially beneficial to rub argan oil through the tips of your hair to ensure your locks will be strong and healthy. If Mara Roszak is using this simple method on well-known celebrities, it could only mean argan oil is good enough for even the rich and famous.

11. Adriana Lima

adriana lima
Photo by Kalumba2009 / CC BY-SA

If you’ve ever been in awe of the beauty displayed by Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima, you should know that this gorgeous woman uses argan oil as part of her beauty routine. Your hair and skin can look as clean and crisp as Adriana’s with a little touch of this miraculous oil.

It’s clear that Adriana Lima is no stranger to beauty. Being both a model for Victoria’s Secret and an actress, finding proper hair and skin routines can be difficult. “I’m obsessed with argan oil. I apply it to my hair, my face and my whole body, says the model, “And to make my body look its best, I mix together a bit of illuminator with my body moisturizer, then apply it everywhere.”

Adriana Lima surely knows her stuff. If your skin is in need of some extra moisturization, or if you want that model-ready look, take a chance at trying argan oil.

The Benefits Argan Oil Can Bring You

As you already know, celebrities around the world use argan oil for its ability to make their hair and skin look and feel its best. You may be wondering, though, what the other benefits of Moroccan oil are. They include the following:

  • Argan oil treats irritations, rashes, and bug bites. If you’re dealing with skin irritations or rashes, or happen to have a bug bite or two, argan oil has the ability to treat these types of issues. The soothing capability of the oil heals to heal these types of skin problems.
  • Argan oil reduces acne. Argan oil is not just a moisturizer and a healer of rashes. In fact, this oil can also help heal pimples. You may have heard the misconception that keeping your face dry is key to getting rid of acne, but in actuality, your pimples need moisture, that is, after your face is washed of acne-causing oils and germs.
  • Argan oil heals razor burns and bumps. Many of us deal with the issue of getting cuts, burns, and goose-like bumps after shaving, but luckily, argan oil can help with all of that. If you deal with ingrown hairs, this oil can also reduce them, as well.
  • Argan oil keeps your nails strong and moisturized. If you have tough, dry, or brittle nails and can’t seem to find a solution, argan oil is a simple way to cure these problems. Just a small dollop of this oil will make your nails shiny, healthy, and beautiful all at once.
  • Argan oil prevents and gets rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks are a common skin-related issue many of us deal with of all ages. Luckily, argan oil works great to reduce stretch marks and make your skin look healthier than ever. Argan oil is especially recommended for women who recently gave birth who are more than likely to deal with stretch marks from pregnancy.

The Real Proof: Scientific Evidence of Argan Oil’s Benefits

healthier skinIf you’ve never tried argan oil yourself, you may find yourself skeptical, even disregarding all the celebrities out there who use and love this oil. Fortunately, there is plenty of scientific evidence out there proving argan oil to be as beneficial as we all believe it to be.

Argan oil itself contains vitamin E, carotenes, squalene, fatty acids and phenols, such as catechol and resorcinol. The vitamin E in the oil acts as an antioxidant, and the carotenes convert to vitamin a, which helps to create a healthy immune system as well as healthier skin. Just those ingredients alone are enough to make argan oil a suitable beauty go-to.

Many, though, complain that oils don’t sink into the skin and only clog up pores, but as for this oil, that’s not the case. A dermatologist from Yale University, Lisa M. Donofrio, argues that argan oil is a special type of oil that contains what we call “carriers” that allow the oil to sink easily into the pores of our skin and create the beautiful effect on our hair and skin we all love.

Getting Started: How to Use Argan Oil

When using argan oil, always use sparingly. A little can go a long way, not to mention that this Moroccan oil is expensive, as we can tell by its nickname, “Liquid Gold.”

  • Hair – There are many ways to use argan oil for your hair, but most commonly it is used for styling or as a leave-in conditioner. For either cases, you should only need a dime-sized drop of the oil. Simply rub it in the palms of your hands, and spread it throughout your hair, or just or your tips, for instance.It’s also been said that argan oil may help increase hair growth. For this purpose, massage a few drops of argan oil on your scalp. Also consider adding a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo or other hair products before using.
  • Skin – Whether you plan to use argan oil to heal skin irritation, repair damaged skin, or to increase moisturization, it’s important to again use the oil sparingly. You don’t want your skin to become overly shine or greasy, so just a few drops here and there should do, especially for your face.You can, of course, use argan oil all over your skin as well, though it’s best to use fresh out of the shower when your pores are still open. Some even mix drops of argan oil in their lotion or foundation before applying to their skin.
  • Nails – Using argan oil on your nails is fairly simple, but be sure to apply it to clean, unpainted nails. Apply a tiny drop of the oil onto each nail and rub it. It’s as simple as that, and it doesn’t take long to apply either.

What You Should Know About the Different Types of Argan Oil Products

You don’t have to settle for 100-percent pure argan oil, though most celebrities who use the oil do recommend it. There are many beauty products out there that contain the oil, but you can buy it and add a few drops to make your own products. You can find argan oil products in just about any convenience store near you or of course online, such as:

  • pure argan oil100-Percent Pure Argan Oil – To get the best results, using pure argan oil is, of course, the finest of all argan products out there and is widely used by celebrities. In its natural form, argan oil is most versatile considering you can simply add a few drops of the oil to your shampoo or lotion as you please or simply apply drops of the oil directly to your skin as it is.
  • Lotions and Creams – Especially for dry, dull skin, using lotions or creams containing argan oil make for all the better. The lotion or cream themselves add a smoothness and shininess to your skin while the argan oil in the product adds extra silkiness and acts as a healer for potentially damaged skin. With help of the argan oil, these lotions and creams smooth while repairing skin all at once.
  • Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Masks – Especially for those who dye their hair a lot or often apply heat to their hair when styling, buying a shampoo infused with argan oil is a great idea as the oil itself has healing and binding capabilities. If you already have a favorite set of shampoo and conditioner, you could always resort to argan oil hair masks or other argan hair treatments, using them once a week.
  • Hairsprays and Dry Shampoos – If you’re going to use hair products, you might as well buy one that contains argan oil. Especially for hairsprays, the chemicals and drying components contained in the product are damaging. Dry shampoos can be too, but with argan oil added to them, it will result in glossier, healthier locks. Spray as you wish, but choose a spray with this oil, and you won’t be disappointed.

In Conclusion

With so many celebrities out there using argan oil as a beauty product, it only makes sense that this oil is a must-try for you. Seeing it all around Hollywood is enough to give this oil a go, but there’s also plenty of proof out there to show why this oil is as beneficial as they all claim it to be.

Argan oil is proven to treat acne, heal skin irritations, help moisturize dry skin and hair, create glossy nails, and even help with damaged hair and hair growth. Celebrities and others out there also turn to argan oil to give them a more youthful and clean complexion before heading out on the runway, walking the red carpet, acting in movies, or attending award shows, for instance.

There are also several products out there that contain argan oil already infused in them, though it’s recommended especially by celebrities to use 100 percent pure argan oil. This rare, though popular oil from the argan tree’s pits is more than a beauty “secret.” This oil is, in general, a healer on many different levels and is heavenly, to say the least.



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