Expectant Questions: Can I Use Argan Oil When Pregnant?


pregnantWhen you are expecting a baby, there are many things to watch out for in order to deliver a healthy newborn. Many pregnant women worry about the products they use on their bodies and especially, their faces and hair.

If you are a mom-to-be, perhaps you are one of those women who is asking, “Can I use argan oil when pregnant? It cannot be denied that there are a lot of people who do not know the exact answer to this question.

This question is extremely important to consider, especially if you are planning to use argan oil, or any new substance on your skin when pregnant. The best advice is to always consult your doctor when using something new, especially on your skin.

So, Can I Use Argan Oil When Pregnant?

Needless to say, pregnant women need proper care and attention. There is no question about that, since they are carrying their baby in their wombs. When you are pregnant, some changes on the skin will normally appear. These changes may be skin discoloration, stretch marks and many others. This is the main reason why many women are looking for the safest solution for these skin issues.

pregnantThe truth is, stretch marks are common skin issues which result from pregnancy. In fact, 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women experience these stretch marks. These are extremely unsightly to look at, so they can cause a dip in a woman’s self-esteem and confidence.

So, what is the most excellent treatment for these? The answer is all natural and effective argan oil. Is argan oil safe for pregnant women to use? Yes, in fact, it is, and many scientific studies can testify to this claim.

Many medical professionals even recommend this natural oil to their pregnant patients. You can trust argan oil for reducing or completely erasing stretch marks for pregnant women. All you need to do with this natural oil is apply it to your skin. Make sure that you put it directly onto the affected area. Moreover, this can prevent stretch marks from occurring by way of massaging your body using argan oil, even after your baby arrives.

If you are asking if it is safe to use argan oil even after giving birth, then the answer is yes. After giving birth, you can immediately put some drops of argan oil on your belly and breasts. Afterwards, you need to massage it gently. This will help prevent skin from being dry, as well as stretch marks. Since this natural oil contains high amount of antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals will just be easy.

vitamin eIn case you have dry skin and hair during pregnancy, argan oil will help a lot. In fact, you will look and feel extremely healthy all throughout your pregnancy period because of this oil. It is mainly because of all the natural amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E argan oil contains.

When it comes to dry hair, what you need to do is clean your hair first. Afterwards, massage a small amount of argan oil on your hair, and let it stay overnight.

Acne is also common during pregnancy. It is because of the hormonal changes that happen in every pregnant woman. The best treatment for this is to control the production of sebum. This is exactly where argan oil comes into play. With this, there is also no need to worry about acne scars and blemishes, because argan oil will help your skin settle down and reduce sebum.

Know the Many Other Uses of Argan Oil

In case you do not know, there are many other uses for argan oil, including:

  • Anti-Aging Therapy – Free radicals inside the body are definitely harmful since these can accelerate the aging process. Even so, there is no need to worry, because it is now possible to control these free radicals. What you need it a product which contains high amount of antioxidants. The best example for this product is the argan oil. Argan oil is extremely popular because of the vitamin E it contains.
  • argan oilFor your own information, vitamin E is a common antioxidant people can get in argan oil. This is what you need in fighting the signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. It works by restoring the skin’s optimal elasticity, leaving the skin softer and plumper.
  • Excellent Body Moisturizer – A lot of people are learning about the fact that argan oil is an excellent body moisturizer. The natural moisture of your skin comes out through the use of this nutrient-dense oil. The vitamin E and fatty acids will make your skin younger looking and radiant. When using it, you only need a few drops on your palm. Then, apply it on your whole body in a circular motion.
  • Natural Hair Conditioner – Several expert reviews have shown that argan oil is extremely effective in making your hair shiny and silky. It can condition your hair without causing damage, because it is 100 percent natural.

Argan oil can benefit your hair, scalp and skin, and the best part of all is that it is 100 percent natural. To find the best argan oil possible, be sure to check the ingredients. It should only contain argan oil, and nothing else. You can also check for reviews and feedback on any argan oil product you want to buy. Unlike many other beauty product, argan oil has no harsh additives or chemicals.


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